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Winter/Summer Sunscreen For the Mature Woman’s Skin

Are You Protecting Your Skin As You Should Be?

Before I headed for my recent Maui get-away, I was thinking about how taking care of our skin is a year-round process. I hope this video inspires you to practice self-care and protect your skin against the elements regardless of which season it is.

It’s Winter. It’s Canada. And it’s cold.

At this time of year, we usually don’t think about sunscreen, but we must.

There is the thought that if you are not at the beach then you don’t need a sunscreen. But that’s simply not true. We do need a sunscreen.

I live on the West Coast in the Pacific North West. We have a saying here that because it rains so much we don’t tan, we rust!

Lately that hasn’t been true. We do have a lot of cold weather. We just had an ice storm!  We proudly show off our winter activities on beautiful Whistler and surrounding mountains.

That is where you have to remember your sunscreen!

I am fortunate to be able to get some sun during occasional winter getaways but I’m not away for the whole winter though.

So when I am home and go out even for a walk, the snow really can reflect up into the face. This is how easily you can get a sun and even a wind burn. Just as you can get sun and wind damage when you are out on the ski hills – especially if your skin is a little drier.

There is an awesome sunscreen I highly recommend called: Clinique Face SPF 30 with Solar Smart Cream for Unisex . It is a number 30 SPF (sun protection factor) and oil free even though it doesn’t feel like it’s oil free. It’s rich and creamy mineral formula is chock full of anti-oxidants.

It’s for the face, which I love because I don’t think that just because you are using a sunscreen, you have to not get the benefits of a face cream.

I am quite picky about sunscreens!

I use this one when I go to Maui. I also use it at home because in the winter our skin tends to get a little drier as it’s colder and we are indoors more. At least am! I guess you could say I’m kind of a weather wimp!

With our skin getting drier as we mature, and from the cold and dry air, you want a cream that is a little richer.

As I demonstrated this product on my hand it disappeared quite nicely. It absorbs nicely to a velvety finish.

It’s a beautiful face cream with a 30 SPF sunscreen. I use the 30 but there is also a 50 SPF available. The higher sunscreen tends to be a bit thicker in texture. This one didn’t leave a white film on me. You can see that it just disappeared right away.

If you are looking for an effective sunscreen for sensitive skin, try the Clinique Face SPF 30. I have sensitive skin, but it is trial and error for every individual. I really liked this one!

So give Clinique Face SPF 30 with Solar Smart Cream for Unisex (UVA/UVB Advanced Protection) a whirl!

To Your Infinite Beauty,
Judy Doduk

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