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My Ahh-mazing Self-Care Spa Experience

Mature Women Deserve and Need Self-Care

I recently returned from a weekend stay at the Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa in Vernon, BC, Canada. While I was there I practiced the utmost in self-care and it was fabulous!

Sparkling Hill is a luxurious European-style resort with various pools and seven saunas (the rose-scented one was my favourite). They also offer many different treatments, and I indulged in three of them.

Self-Care Spa Treatments at Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa

My first treatment was called the Fango. Pure volcanic dust and water was blended into a warm, buttery consistency and applied to my back to detox and reinvigorate muscles. I was then wrapped up in a warm bed while a lovely woman massaged my feet for about half an hour. It was heaven!

Next was reflexology, which was also incredible. After that, I had a treatment called the Crystal Cranium. This was a half hour massage of my scalp, neck, back and décolleté using a warmed coconut oil blended with essential oils.

To make the whole experience even lovelier, all the treatments were done on heated beds.

Relaxing & Reflecting on Self-Care

The food at the Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa was delicious and presented beautifully, and the resort atmosphere was quiet and peaceful. My room was perfect, with a soaker tub that let me take in the view of the lake and mountains through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Before I left I went for one last swim. It was early Sunday morning, and I had the outdoor pool to myself. Every part of my body was supported as I just floated in this wonderful heated pool with the steam rising. I simply looked out at the mountains and the lake.

It was a time of reflection, and I returned to real life recharged and rejuvenated! If you have a chance to practice this kind of self-care, I highly encourage you to do so. However, it doesn’t have to be at a resort.

You can take time for yourself in your bathtub, backyard… anywhere you like to escape to. You absolutely deserve it!

We have finally reached the stage in our lives where it is time for US, so please make self-care a part of your routine.

To Your Infinite Beauty,
Judy Doduk

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