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My First Facial Injection Adventure!

I’ve just come back from Face Beautiful Cosmedic and have had my procedures done.

My lips are still a little numb. I’ve had my cheeks done, and we did stick to the plan.

On the one side of my face you can see I’ve got my fullness back. So I’m quite happy with that. On the other side, I am going to bruise a bit and might have some swelling occur, so we decided that we will wait two weeks and let things settle. Then, we will decide if I need to even up the one side or not.

My lips, I’m actually quite thrilled with. We could have done more. They are definitely fuller. We did the top and the bottom. They look just like my lips used to look. So, I am happy with them!

My Experience with Dr. Gail

Dr. Gail was incredible! I am a newbie at this and she was so patient and so wonderful! She applied the numbing cream all around my lips so it wouldn’t be as excruciating as it could be because it actually is quite painful. There are a lot of nerve endings in this area, especially around the top lip.

So while the numbing cream was taking effect around my mouth she did the filler in my cheeks. That gave the numbing cream a nice long time to take effect.

She put the filler in my cheeks very slowly. I did put ice before-hand. Dr.Gail would do an injection then I would apply ice. It really wasn’t that painful.

Then for the lips, it was painful. Not crazy painful. I have gone through a lot worse. Even waxing can be more painful than that!

There were four or five injection points on each side of the upper lip with ice in between each injection. The ice in combination with the numbing cream and Dr. Gail pausing made it bearable. I would definitely go again.

I like the way my lips look. She gave me a little extra time, which I very much appreciated. She went slow. I was looking in the mirror in between each injection.

She is kind. She takes her time. She is funny, you know, I can’t say enough, and she is a medical doctor.

She knew about the bruising that might occur on my cheek. I was wondering if we extend the filler a little closer to my nose under the eye area. It was because of her knowledge of the anatomy, the nerves and blood vessels, she knew exactly how far we could go as opposed to someone who I think wouldn’t know that.

I felt completely confident with her. I kind of love her!

Now We Wait and See!

I will let you know how it goes for the next two weeks. We will see how things settle. Then when I see her in two weeks, we will decide what we are going to do. I’ll let you know then.

If you go to the right person you feel safe, taken care of, and you feel that you are in the right hands. There is nothing scary about it. They are injecting into your body so you want to know the products being used are the correct products.

The person putting it in is capable and experienced like Dr.Gail. There is also another Dr. there, Dr. Elizabeth Watt who is another medical doctor. You are not going to a fly-by-night person who you don’t know what they are putting in your face.

That was one of my biggest fears. If you go somewhere the outcome may not be what you want because of the fact that things are not clean, not sterilized or the person is not qualified.

Of course, I didn’t have to worry about any of that.

My First Experience Was Awesome

As far as my first experience went it was awesome. The person doing my procedure was wonderful, qualified and took very good care of me because I was a little nervous to tell you the truth.

Anyway, I will tell you what happens in the next two weeks!

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