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The Morning Eating Plan That Works for us Maturing Women

Are you starting the morning off right? The right self care and nutrition can make all the difference!

Over the years I have tried so many diets and meal plans! I have found what works best for me is just a good simple breakfast in the morning, sensible eating and everything in moderation.

 The Morning Eating Plan That Works for MeAnd I refuse to deprive myself of the odd piece of cake or treat!

While I am here in Maui the abundance of fresh fruit really inspires me, so I put it in my oatmeal in the morning. When I am back home in the Fraser Valley, we have an abundance of beautiful fresh fruit that I like to incorporate into my breakfast.

When I can’t get fresh, I include some nice organic frozen fruit in my oatmeal.

When I’m in a hurry I found this super plant-based smoothie, Vega Protein Smoothie. It is very quick and easy when I’m in a rush and just want to get out the door! Eggs is a protein for me that I can do occasionally.

Dorset Muesli cerealI like to keep track of what’s with the latest and greatest, like the now popular Ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting plan. But I really don’t indulge myself in that too much anymore.

I found what works for me over the years is keeping steady and even-keeled with my eating, keeping with eating a nice breakfast. The fad thing – been there, done that!

I find it’s all about taking some time for ourselves. A part of our self-care is not forgetting about ourselves in the morning.

I would love to hear about what you like to do and what works for you in the morning. What’s your morning eating plan?

To Your Infinite Beauty,
Judy Doduk

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