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Lip and Cheek Injection Results After 2 Weeks

Here are the results after 2 weeks of my 1st facial injection adventure where I got my cheeks and lips done!

OK, so we are two weeks into my lip and cheek injection adventure! I thought I would let you see what my face looks like two weeks after the initial injections.

I only applied a little gloss on my lips as I didn’t want to go without anything on them. You can see they are fuller now. The contour is a little fuller than it was before.

On the side where I had a bruise on my cheek there is nothing really in terms of a mark.

On my lips, I just had a couple of pin prick dots. I didn’t have any of the “big bruising” that could have happened. I did take the Bromelain before and it worked out really well.

Apples of the Cheeks

When you say the apples of your cheeks, “where the heck are your apples”? I actually have apples to speak of! My right cheek is the side that worked out perfectly. The left side is the one that we did stop because of a little bit of a bruise.

I’m going back and we will be filling in a little more, finishing off to even the two cheeks out. It will be basically a touch up that will take less than fifteen minutes.

Once that is done I’ll show you how it worked out. Then in a few weeks I’ll show you the whole settled down version of the new cheek-filled me!

Wish me luck and I’ll show you in a little bit!

Watch this video of when I first returned back from getting the procedure done.

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