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Lip and Cheek Injection Procedure Anticipation

I’m excited…here’s why!

I want to tell you about something that I am about to do.

I’m excited, and I’m nervous, but I want to share among friends here.

Last year I was volunteering at the Crystal Gala, which I do every year. It is a great fundraiser to fight against breast cancer. One of the items that was up for bid at the silent auction was a mini lip injection.

I have always thought about it. I wanted to have something done with the upper lip especially, because as we get older, it seems to shrink a little bit. It wasn’t an emergency thing, but since it was there and it was for a good cause, I thought, “Oh, perfect timing!” It was a win/win! I did bid for it, and I got it.

The place that I’m going to is run by one of the “Gala Girls,” Susan Bubra, who is awesome. The person who is doing it is a medical doctor, Dr. Gail Arnott. She is a wonderful, quirky, fun, great lady. Because she is an M.D. I trust her immensely.

She knows every nerve in the body. She is not just somebody who went for a course, certified herself, and put a sign in the window saying that she’s certified. So I do trust her immensely.

I met with her the other day, and we sat down and discussed what we were going to do. I thought that maybe a mini wasn’t going to be enough, that it was like an introductory thing. But she said, “No, a mini will be fine, anything more and I could look crazy.” So, that was established.

Then I thought, since I’m here, I’ll ask her about the marionette lines that are starting to turn the corners of my mouth downward and are getting a little deeper. What we discussed doing was having a bit of filler put in my cheeks. That may lift the corners of my mouth up a little, and make the marionette lines less pronounced.

We will try a little bit first, then in two weeks, I’ll see how much it has lifted. At that point that I can decide if I want a little more or not.

Over the last few days I’ve been taking my arnica tablets under the tongue, which should help with bruising. Because I am expecting bruising… especially around the lip area. I know a lot of women who have had a lot of bruising.

Dr. Gail also gave me some bromelain capsules to take for a few days prior to the procedure. Bromelain, which is a derivative of pineapple, is in many facial products, and people who have very sensitive skin have to watch it, as it can be very irritating for them.

It can be found in some stomach remedies, too, as it helps with digestion. I’ve read that it also helps with bruising. It was so nice that she gave it to me. So I’ve been taking it in anticipation of my bruising!

I’m going later on today, and I thought I’d share, because I don’t want any of this “Oh no, I haven’t had anything done at all!” or “Oh, no, I’ve just been on vacation!”

I thought I’d share because we’re all friends here. If you have any questions about how it was, please ask. I will be posting afterwards to let you know how it looks, and how much bruising and swelling occurred. Then, of course, being a make-up artist, I will be covering it up and showing you how to cover up after a procedure like that.

Well, I’m about to go. I’ll be getting a mini lip injection and my cheek filler. Wish me luck, and here goes!

Update: Here’s my post after coming back from my procedure.

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