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My Interview with Natural Alternatives Expert Lorna Vanderhaeghe

Lorna Vanderhaeghe is a leading health and lifestyle influencer. She is a powerhouse woman who came from humble beginnings and now controls a multimillion dollar company. It all started from a place of caring and knowing that there had to be a better way.

In this first case, many years ago, it was for her daughter’s skin condition. She continues to care and search for a better way for all of us now, finding effective natural alternatives.

I have been following Lorna for many years. In my weekly newsletter I mentioned that if I knew that she was going to be a guest on a TV show, I would tape it on my VCR (yes, VCR)!

Watch the interview:

Natural Alternatives for Mature Women

As I was born in the 50s, I cringe when I think of the amount of chemicals, dyes and sugar that my body has endured over the years. Back then, all those processed colourful foods were new and exciting!

Today, thankfully we have many more choices around what we consume. We have trended back to a more natural approach, both in our foods and in our openness to alternatives to the drugs constantly being prescribed for our issues.

Lorna has been a champion for women’s health for decades. I was very excited when I had the opportunity to interview her before she went onstage at a Project Her Inc. event that I attended.

Watch this short interview and learn all about the many answers Lorna has for issues that we mature women are facing!

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