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Connecting with Women to Feel More Empowered

The Power of Women’s Events

Have you ever attended a women’s event that left you invigorated and excited? Well, I did! I attended a WOW event (Women of Worth), put on by Christine Avram.

I want to stress to you, that if you think that this type of event is only for younger women, think again. There were women of ALL ages there, including many mature ladies.

The speakers were amazing. Being with a large group of women learning, sharing and connecting is inspiring.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that we are powerful as women. There were speakers talking about a variety of topics, and I learned and took away something different from each one of them.

Whether it was a new perspective, increased self-awareness or a newfound interest, it was all so worthwhile.

Business and Non-Business Benefits of Women’s Events

Whether you are entrepreneurial or not, there are many perks of meeting new women at events like this. Of course, the opportunity to network for business was obviously there, which is fantastic. Women supporting other women in business is what we want to do.

Many friendships develop from those relationships.

However, if business is not the reason that you are attending, events like this are still great. Connecting and building friendships happen spontaneously when you are amongst like-minded women.

You leave feeling empowered with a renewed sense of confidence and enthusiasm. I love communing with women. The female energy is not to be denied. We are women, hear us roar!

To Your Infinite Beauty,
Judy Doduk

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P.P.S. Here’s the websites of the wonderful speakers I saw on stage at the event:

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