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How to Conceal Bruising After Your Facial Injection Procedure

In this video I demonstrate how to conceal any bruising that may occur after having a facial procedure done.

If you follow these basic steps and use the proper quality products, you too can achieve professional results with ease.

All it will take is a little bit of practice to get familiar with the textures.

You can do a great job on your own!

  1. Start with a clean dry face.

    Apply any facial serums or treatment that you normally would.

    Allow your product to absorb fully.

  2. Your regular moisturizer is next, giving it enough time to fully penetrate the skin.
  3. Once the moisturizer is absorbed, follow up with a nice basic thicker primer, such a the Smashbox original oil free primer (US: SMASHBOX Photo Finish Foundation Primer). This happens to be one of my favourite’s for this type of situation. It gives a beautiful smooth surface to work with.
  4. After the primer had dried, with a small precise brush, apply the concealer (I used Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer / Amazon.com) exactly on the bruised area in a nice thin smooth layer.
  5. Follow up with a dusting of face powder.
  6. Repeat the concealer application, this time also blending the edges by gently patting with a finger or feathering out with a small brush (I used Eve Pearl Contour Blender Brush No. 201 / US: EVE PEARL® 201- Dual Contour Blender Brush).
  7. Follow up with another light dusting of face powder.
  8. Then gently cover with one layer of your foundation (I used Eve Pearl HD Dual Foundation Light / US: EVE PEARL High Definition Dual Pressed Powder) to give you a seamless undetectable finish. The brush I used here is the EVE PEARL 101 – Foundation Brush
  9. Add a fabulous lip colour (I used Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour / Amazon.com) and you’re good to go for the whole day.

By following these steps,you won’t have to worry about your cover up all day! A little more time taken at the start of the day, will save you the constant worry of touch ups through out the day.

Judy Doduk Canadian Beauty Blogger

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