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My Journey into the World of Facial Injectables

Here is part 3 to my big adventure into getting a mini-lip injection and cheek injection done. (See Part One and Part Two.)

Judy and Dr. Gail Arnott

Me and Dr. Gail Arnott

I wanted to share some images that I took during my appointment with Dr. Gail Arnott at Face Beautiful Cosmedic in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada.

I had never had any fillers or injectables in my face before – this was my first appointment.

I did have a very informative consultation a few days earlier with Dr.Gail, where she put my mind at rest, answered all my questions, and told me about things that I wouldn’t even think to ask.

Even though I was well-informed prior to my appointment, I have to admit, I was a little nervous, since I was a newbie to the filler world.

Once I went in to the office, any nervousness I might have had disappeared. Dr. Gail’s quirky sense of humour put me at ease, along with her professionalism and cleanliness.

Judy with numbing cream around lips

Numbing cream on and around lips and right cheek done, left cheek still to be done

She went slowly and explained everything that she was doing, step by step.

First up: the numbing cream

After cleaning my face, she applied a numbing cream all around my mouth in anticipation of my lip injection. Meanwhile I was applying ice to my cheek area.

Now the injections

After each injection, in both the cheeks and lips, we would look in the mirror so there would be no surprises. The cheek injections were definitely uncomfortable. They hurt, but were not excruciating, since they have a numbing agent in them. Plus, I was still applying ice in between each injection.

When it was time for the lips, I applied ice, as well. The lips did hurt – at least that is my experience. It didn’t hurt so much that I would never have it done again, but it hurt definitely more than the cheeks.

Judy after the injections

All done, still swollen

Again, Dr. Gail went slowly and explained what she was doing as she went along with a mirror.

I really appreciated the patience and care that she took with me.

I love Dr. Gail – she made the whole appointment a fun experience and kept it as pain-free as possible, because I know I am not a hero. I am so glad that I found her, because I will be a repeat customer!

Products Used for My Procedure

Product used on lips

Product used on lips

Product used on cheeks

Product used on cheeks

Arnica gel

Arnica gel

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